Wednesday, December 31, 2008

update on my group membership

From Drop Box
apparently, the group i joined last week, "The Ladies Who Lunch" is kicking me out. okay, not "kicking me out" but encouraging me to unsubscribe. they want to make sure i can commit to lunching 2xs a month, during the weekday. well, i guess i am not a lady who lunches, because who has time to lunch during the work week? i don't. so i had to humbly step down from that group.

you will be happy to know that i did indeed commit to go to a meet up next fri., in the hopes to meet some cool ladies, and prove to me wrong that this meet up stuff is not such a corny thing, after all (and a big "L" is not tatooed on my forehead). i'll keep you posted. 

with that said, my new year's resolution is to: participate in at least one social networking event per month. that's doable, right?

the saga continues...

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