Monday, December 31, 2007

We're back in business! (yay!)

I know I should be getting ready for the new year, like washing the pile of laundry or cleaning my house of something, but no...I'm trying to get my website and blog in order before the new year. The company that is hosting my  site BIG Folio have been nothing but awesome this past week, answering all of my questions and helping make the transition from my old to my new site. Yay! I'm a little site-wise from the experience. So I am very grateful to their patience and answering all my questions during the holidays! I guess they're working, too! 

Please contact me if there are any weird glitches on my site or blog. I would really appreciate it!
Happy New Year to all!

Technical difficulties

I recently redesigned my website. and as luck would have it, all my clients' pages, contact sheets, are not viewable online, at this moment. I am getting to the root of the problem, talking to web servers and website designers.

In the meantime, please check out my new and improved website, new for the '08!!

Happy New Year to all!!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

denise & eric: couple portraits

young love...ahhhh...i remember like it was yesterday. just being young, in general. i find myself saying "the kids today..." more often, finally feeling the age gap between me and pop culture. maybe that's why i love photographing children, and couples. it rejuvenates my spirit and inspires me to enjoy life, right now.

my husband and i worked on this shoot together. he did more than the usual "carry my equipment" job description. he gave his input and gave some great ideas. we laughed...and had a great time. and at the end of it all, he said he was so excited and proud of me for taking some great shots. compliments to the wife:priceless. i love him for that...

eric and denise, are newly wed couple. they're young and in love. it's a beautiful thing. we took their portraits because they told us that they didn't have any wedding pictures since they got married abruptly, because eric went into the military. they were the owners of our precious, chihuahua, popo, and graciously gave him to us last christmas eve (exactly 1 year ago). we wanted to give them something so they can later remember how young and in love they were.

and by the way, youth and the "in love" feeling will fade, but if you stick with it, marriage can make you stronger. our priest that married us, (also my uncle) says that married people are guaranteed heaven because it is the ultimate sacrifice. so hang in there.

thank you for letting us take your pictures. they're gorgeous!

if you want to see more pix from their shoot, click here!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

love the holidays...

holidays are a special time of year. i like to think about the things i am grateful for, and blessed with...

this year has been very dr. jekyll and mr. hyde. the first half of my year was all about relaxing...i just finished up with my own wedding, i really was taking it easy. so easy that i managed to gain 30 lbs.!!! eeek! i think all that thinking about losing weight for the wedding and thinking about my next meal, and counting the minutes that i worked out every single day for 5 months, to me. (yes i can relate to all the brides!!)

then, i kicked it into high gear with my business 2nd half of the year. got lots done. did a lot of shoots and jobs. enough to say that i was satisfied in the last half of the year. very productive. BUT i think managed to keep gaining weight, another 10 lbs. yikes! that is the most i've ever gained in one year. i'm a stress what can i say. more work=more stress (no matter how joyous or delightful my work!) i turned a whole 180 degrees from the 1st half of the year. driving myself to the edge with work...

but at least i was productive.

i'm taking the rest of the year off (even tho' it's only like a week and a half left) to regroup. take that walk..visit that gym that i "donate" my money too. my goal is to be sexy and svelte by summer. s.s.s. sizzlin'...smokin'...ok...enough w/ the alliteration. you get what i mean!

so at the end of the year i am thankful and grateful for: my life, my husband, family, puppy, home, work...

...and especially for the portraits and events we photographed this year! it was so much fun and a great experience for us! thank you so much!

i do look forward to the next batch of portraits and weddings that i will be shooting in '08. always striving to outdo myself, and of course meeting new people and friends along the way!

...and that's my 2 cents!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

new packages

take advantage of our year end wedding promos...we want to offer this to brides who are on a limited budget and want quality pictures and service.

we are not offering this deal after 2007! we've upgraded a lot of our packages and services. 

contact us @:

happy holidays!

The Sweetest Gift latest maternity cousin's!!

Check out her album showcase!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Portrait Promos

The holidays are a great time to take family portraits! It's not too late! It's always important to have updated pictures of your family members. In our family, we have a family tradition to take a formal picture to frame and cherish for years to come.

$125 ($25 off regular price)
Portrait package includes:
-1 hour session
-2 month online photo gallery to view and purchase photos
-$40 print credit
-basic retouching and editing of photos
Expires Dec. 29th

Wedding Promos!

End of the Year Wedding Packages! For a limited time...before 2008 prices go up!

Our early bird bride promo (expires dec. 31st):
for $500:
-4 hours of coverage
-1 photographer
-2 month online photo gallery for viewing and purchasing
-photo book of at least 250 images of your best shots (or $200 print credit)
-basic retouching, editing

for $1,000
-all of the above
+2 more hours of coverage
+CD/DVD disk of ALL your images

for $1,500

-all of the above

-instead of a photo book, you will receive a elegant flush mount photo album (leather bound, with foil stamping of your name and date of wedding, pick of color, and photo cameo cover)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

a ventura family portrait

what did daddy ventura do to deserve 4 lovely ladies, surrounding him? well, he must have done something good. the ventura household is full of life, ladies, and lots of love (okay, i wasn't aiming for alliteration, but it works!). enter the newest lady of the bunch, breya! 

portraiture has changed, with something called lifestyle portraiture. portraits are taken in the home to portray a naturalistic environment that speaks to the personality of the subjects, in this case, the family. it was a gloomy day, drizzling all day, but we were able to capture some bright, happy portraits within the home. 

thank you ventura family for welcoming us in your home! you have a beautiful family!

baby on the way!

the camacho couple, maile and richard are a young couple, in love, and already in love with their baby...on the way. they were so easy-going and relaxing to work with. it was such a pleasure. even though we were racing for the light, as the sunset inched its way below the horizon. we were able to capture a few tender moments. we look forward to seeing baby camacho in a few weeks! 

thanks mai and richard for the thai food! the coconut curry was oh soooo bad....but bad, meaning oh sooooo goooood!! (if you know what i mean!) 

can't wait for our next shoot!

it's an animal party

not among the wildest parties that i've been to, have i experienced this. this was indeed, the "wildest." this little girl's 4th birthday had wild animals, like possums, snakes, lizards, a scorpion, millipedes, and...a kangaroo!!! 

she was so brave with all those different creepy crawlies. i was so curious about them, i took so many pictures of these creatures, up close. so much so, i was starting to get creeped out myself! 

everyone seemed to be having a blast! kids and parents, alike! here's an example of a photo book/album that i've been working on!

olivia's dollhouse, los angeles, birthday event photographer: hannah

olivia's dollhouse and tea room is a great way to spend an afternoon...if you're a 6 year-old, of course! this cute and quaint place is literally a dollhouse, filled with dolls, gowns, sparkly shoes and accessories, and personal hairstylists and makeup artists attending to your beauty needs.

once the girls got glammed up, they came out of their shy and timid selves, and really posed it up for the camera. no coaxing there!

when planning a special event like this, it is a great idea to hire a photographer for the event so you and the mommies can sit back and enjoy the moments with their daughters. these pictures are going to be great looking back on, 10 years from now!

thanks hannah for letting me spend the day with you!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


all my entries were erased!!!so had to redo my whole blog. will re-upload pix later....please check in a few days!