Saturday, May 31, 2008

rainbow of gowns

rainbow of gowns, originally uploaded by Master Foto G.

Watched this movie on Friday....I thought we were going to watch Indiana Jones. But the hubby decided that he wasn't in the mood to watch Indiana, and bought 2 tickets to Sex in the City. If you are a fan, you'll enjoy it. It's just like watching a marathon of episodes, they stayed true to the "story" of these gals, and they were still fab. I wouldn't mind watching it again. This time, not so close, We were about 5-6 rows from the front, and every single wrinkle was noticeable, and at times, took away from the scene. Anyway, loved it. Put my stamp on it. Every fabulous gal should watch it!!!

happy birthday, mom!

Birthday Cake.jpg, originally uploaded by lasurfer.

here's a pic of my mom's ice cream cake, mmmmm....sooooo good. she's 64 years young!!

my brother took a picture of her flaming cake. i liked the picture so much, i needed to post it on my blog!

mmmm...wish i had some right now. it's warm in here!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

our fave ballroom instructors

when j. and i got engaged, i suggested we do ballroom dancing, just for fun. and surprisingly, j. was totally into it! he went all out and got "special" dancing shoes before we even set foot in our dancing class.  near my parents' neighborhood, we always passed by this studio, Ballroom Blitz, and always saw people dancing. j. enrolled us, on the spot. at that time, "dancing with the stars" was becoming more popular. so we watched weekly and took lessons, at the same time.

poor j. he really had 2 left feet. but he was so cute, at first being sort of the class clown, and trying to laugh at himself, but then, after 4 months of lessons, he seemed to be more focused and having a good time. 

the people that take the classes are a mixture of regulars and beginners, couples and singles, married and engaged. everyone seems to have the same laid back attitude. it could be that the instructors, who are Susannah & Anthony, husband and wife team, are the BEST!!! they are funny, know how to have a good time, and they know how to instruct us, laymen, how to properly dance. 

we used to get so excited knowing that we were going to class. we were always bummed that if we had to miss it. we were in between moving out of the area, so we had to miss some days, but they were always understanding, and got us up to speed. i know i'm going on and on, but i gush about this studio, because they are really good at teaching, and at a good, fair price, in my honest opinion.

check out their site! it's both informative and humorous. most of all, you get to see Susannah's awesome resumé. it's truly an honor to learn from her. did i mention that they were also featured on a t.v. show, that taught engaged couples how to ballroom?? this is BEFORE "dancing with the stars!" yes, innovators! check them out! if you enroll in a class, tell them Spiller Photography sent you! hey...we might see you there!

oh....and i promise that as soon as i find the pic, i'll show you the "dip" j. did at our wedding for our 1st dance. it was truly memorable, and for some reason, all the older ladies got a kick out of it!!

ideas for gifts

rainbow of moo cards, originally uploaded by Master Foto G.

i stumbled upon this on, and thought this was the sweetest thing. it's just these lil' cards that you can either personalize w/ your own text and picture, or choose from many designs. they are these lil' cards, that can be used as cute calling cards for your business, or personal fun notes! they have a whole list of things you can do w/ these "moo" cards. check out their site! i just took a picture of my sample of moo cards today (see above!)

we plan to use them as part of our thank you package w/ maybe their best shots on the cards. it also has this cute keychain holder. too adorable!

Monday, May 26, 2008

blue skies above my home

blue skies above my home, originally uploaded by Master Foto G.

i can't believe it was cloudy and drizzly the whole memorial weekend. just as well, i needed to hibernate for the weekend. got a lot of sleep. the next weekends will be very busy with shoots galore.

i took this picture from my parents' house, in between drizzles. we needed the rain, here in especially with the summer coming up.

at least we gave our brand new air conditioner a break. my goal for the summer is to lay out at the pool during the day and crank that baby up at night. woo hoo!!!


are you the type of person that loves to rave about a new place or event you went to? are you the type of person that emails everyone the latest, and greatest sushi or burger you've had? or your newest favorite neighborhood store? yelp is for you!!

it's fun, when you have nothing else to do, and you want to feel productive but not do anything stressful. sign up for yelp! create an account and tell the world how you really feel. ok, maybe not the world, but for yelpers, and friends that you refer to yelp.

try it out or just browse through it. you'll get honest opinions and great referrals. what i like is just the witty comments and reviews people write. it's cheap entertainment. sorry, i know. sometimes i don't get out too much. check it out!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


kukui nuts2, originally uploaded by Master Foto G.

i sooooo want to go on vacation. our favorite spot is kaua'i. i could go there every year. it is truly a sanctuary for us. it's been 2 years since we visited. we went there for the first time, for my birthday. the best vacation ever. i took the best pictures there! and that was with my point and shoot.

these necklaces, made from kukui nuts, always remind us of our time there.

hopefully for our 2 year anniversary we can take a trip there. i'm ready to take more pictures with my underwater camera (oooo, i have to show you some of my best shots from our honeymoon, that i took from that trip...i love those pics) AND my new camera (hmmmm...not sure if i want sand on my new D200).

hopefully we can still go on vacation with this recession. i'm counting on it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

baby for popo?

no...popo is fixed. no babies for popo....BUT his mother is pregnant, again. and due any time now. we have an opportunity to have the pick of the litter, and i so want another baby puppy. popo was soooo cute, and once the puppy grows up, popo and the pup can be companions. AND they'll really be family, brothers (i want a male). 

but the dilemma is, will we regret getting another dog? popo is the perfect dog for us. he gets along and is loved by my family. my parents dog-sit him everyday, practically (he is a little confused where is real home is). but i remember how cute he was when he was a baby (he still is cute, but OMG a chihuahua pup is the cutest, dearest thing!). 

what does the hubby think about this? well, he he fears, there will be more dogs and puppies in his future, and we'll be up to our ears in dogs. he said, what about a REAL baby?

hmmm...yes. that's in the plans. but that's a WHOLE other responsibility. no comparison to dogs, definitely....sooooo...i don't see what the big deal is to get another dog. hahahahaha...

alas, marriage is, of happy compromise. 


we'll just put that "puppy" topic on the table.  to be continued.

portrait party

ok, i admit. i love a party. i grew up partying. my family, as with most ethnic families, growing up, there was always a good excuse for a party. i have a big family, as well as extended family. so everyone's birthdays, and graduations were celebrated. and there was no fancy-shmancy receptions or extravaganzas. usually house parties, with not enough places to sit, children running around, parents playing cards, my father and buddies jamming  (playing music), and always plenty of food to go around. 

so we decided to bring that tradition back, and be a part of that memory. Portrait Parties.

we came up with the idea, i don't know how, and when. but i thought, when is there a time, other than weddings and funerals, of course, that people get together, either family or friends. we love being part of the joy in people's lives, and i love, especially, being there to document it in pictures. 

hosting a Portrait Party: you book the time, date, and tell us the theme. at no charge (just a refundable retainer, to hold date). we come, with props, maybe a backdrop, and voila! instant Portrait Party! you invite your friends, families, and we take their pictures. again...NO CHARGE for the sitting fees. those are waived. a week later, the pictures are posted online, and your guests are free to purchase any pictures they want, no obligation to buy, of course. you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy your party. and you'll have photo memories to boot! 

if you want more info, please contact us for more details:

great ideas for themed parties, family get togethers, graduations, birthdays, retirements, costume parties, christmas parties, etc.! 

juice, yo!

juice, yo!, originally uploaded by Master Foto G.

i took this pic at a chinese restaurant on mother's day. j. and i were picking up food for my mom's dinner, and this line up of o.j. caught my eye. i snapped a pic really quick, while the ladies were packing our order.

today i received word from an online news website that they wanted to use my pic for an article!!! cool, huh?

check it out! (if it's not posted on the page, select the slideshow, and you'll see it there!)

Friday, May 16, 2008

loving this pic

watching the sunset, originally uploaded by Master Foto G.

i love this picture because it shows reflection. self reflection. the reflection of the water. reflection of marriage, their lives together...and the new life that is awaiting them.

beautiful photo for a beautiful couple.

Friday, May 9, 2008

shawn's album

pictures speak louder than words. check it out.

Monday, May 5, 2008

whittier narrows, rosemead, maternity portrait photographer: eric + denise

here is denise and eric. i took their portrait about 5 months ago. they are high school sweethearts, and shortly after graduation, got married, before eric went into the service. so when they asked if i could do their first formal portraits since they got married, i was honored.

we always have so much fun with them, we looked forward to photographing them again. this time, for their maternity portraits!! okay, the above is a serious pic of them, but we all love this picture. they are so relaxed and comfortable taking photos, there were too many to choose from! i just love the drama in this pic.

we spent about 2 hours, at whittier narrows, taking advantage of all the greenery, lake, and trees. it was a perfect end to a day.

as of yet, they are expecting a baby girl. can't wait to take the newborn pix!

thank you denise & eric, for an unforgettable afternoon!

whittier narrows golf course
8640 Rush St • Rosemead, CA 91770 • (626) 280-411786

Sunday, May 4, 2008

another maternity shoot

check out my latest maternity shoot

Check out this 30 second short, made by animoto!

Friday, May 2, 2008

say cheese

say cheese
Originally uploaded by Master Foto G
i know that this is my dog. he learned how to be a good model because his "mama" is a photographer.

look closely....he's smiling...showing his teeth...

or...he's just irritated.

More Po

mo' po
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i jus wanna kiss u

i jus wanna kiss u
Originally uploaded by Master Foto G
how can you resist this face? taking pix of my puppy, POPO, with my new camera, and lens. so much fun!