Tuesday, May 27, 2008

our fave ballroom instructors

when j. and i got engaged, i suggested we do ballroom dancing, just for fun. and surprisingly, j. was totally into it! he went all out and got "special" dancing shoes before we even set foot in our dancing class.  near my parents' neighborhood, we always passed by this studio, Ballroom Blitz, and always saw people dancing. j. enrolled us, on the spot. at that time, "dancing with the stars" was becoming more popular. so we watched weekly and took lessons, at the same time.

poor j. he really had 2 left feet. but he was so cute, at first being sort of the class clown, and trying to laugh at himself, but then, after 4 months of lessons, he seemed to be more focused and having a good time. 

the people that take the classes are a mixture of regulars and beginners, couples and singles, married and engaged. everyone seems to have the same laid back attitude. it could be that the instructors, who are Susannah & Anthony, husband and wife team, are the BEST!!! they are funny, know how to have a good time, and they know how to instruct us, laymen, how to properly dance. 

we used to get so excited knowing that we were going to class. we were always bummed that if we had to miss it. we were in between moving out of the area, so we had to miss some days, but they were always understanding, and got us up to speed. i know i'm going on and on, but i gush about this studio, because they are really good at teaching, and at a good, fair price, in my honest opinion.

check out their site! it's both informative and humorous. most of all, you get to see Susannah's awesome resumé. it's truly an honor to learn from her. did i mention that they were also featured on a t.v. show, that taught engaged couples how to ballroom?? this is BEFORE "dancing with the stars!" yes, innovators! check them out! if you enroll in a class, tell them Spiller Photography sent you! hey...we might see you there!

oh....and i promise that as soon as i find the pic, i'll show you the "dip" j. did at our wedding for our 1st dance. it was truly memorable, and for some reason, all the older ladies got a kick out of it!!

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