Wednesday, May 21, 2008

portrait party

ok, i admit. i love a party. i grew up partying. my family, as with most ethnic families, growing up, there was always a good excuse for a party. i have a big family, as well as extended family. so everyone's birthdays, and graduations were celebrated. and there was no fancy-shmancy receptions or extravaganzas. usually house parties, with not enough places to sit, children running around, parents playing cards, my father and buddies jamming  (playing music), and always plenty of food to go around. 

so we decided to bring that tradition back, and be a part of that memory. Portrait Parties.

we came up with the idea, i don't know how, and when. but i thought, when is there a time, other than weddings and funerals, of course, that people get together, either family or friends. we love being part of the joy in people's lives, and i love, especially, being there to document it in pictures. 

hosting a Portrait Party: you book the time, date, and tell us the theme. at no charge (just a refundable retainer, to hold date). we come, with props, maybe a backdrop, and voila! instant Portrait Party! you invite your friends, families, and we take their pictures. again...NO CHARGE for the sitting fees. those are waived. a week later, the pictures are posted online, and your guests are free to purchase any pictures they want, no obligation to buy, of course. you get to sit back, relax, and enjoy your party. and you'll have photo memories to boot! 

if you want more info, please contact us for more details:

great ideas for themed parties, family get togethers, graduations, birthdays, retirements, costume parties, christmas parties, etc.! 

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