Wednesday, May 21, 2008

baby for popo?

no...popo is fixed. no babies for popo....BUT his mother is pregnant, again. and due any time now. we have an opportunity to have the pick of the litter, and i so want another baby puppy. popo was soooo cute, and once the puppy grows up, popo and the pup can be companions. AND they'll really be family, brothers (i want a male). 

but the dilemma is, will we regret getting another dog? popo is the perfect dog for us. he gets along and is loved by my family. my parents dog-sit him everyday, practically (he is a little confused where is real home is). but i remember how cute he was when he was a baby (he still is cute, but OMG a chihuahua pup is the cutest, dearest thing!). 

what does the hubby think about this? well, he he fears, there will be more dogs and puppies in his future, and we'll be up to our ears in dogs. he said, what about a REAL baby?

hmmm...yes. that's in the plans. but that's a WHOLE other responsibility. no comparison to dogs, definitely....sooooo...i don't see what the big deal is to get another dog. hahahahaha...

alas, marriage is, of happy compromise. 


we'll just put that "puppy" topic on the table.  to be continued.

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