Monday, December 24, 2007

denise & eric: couple portraits

young love...ahhhh...i remember like it was yesterday. just being young, in general. i find myself saying "the kids today..." more often, finally feeling the age gap between me and pop culture. maybe that's why i love photographing children, and couples. it rejuvenates my spirit and inspires me to enjoy life, right now.

my husband and i worked on this shoot together. he did more than the usual "carry my equipment" job description. he gave his input and gave some great ideas. we laughed...and had a great time. and at the end of it all, he said he was so excited and proud of me for taking some great shots. compliments to the wife:priceless. i love him for that...

eric and denise, are newly wed couple. they're young and in love. it's a beautiful thing. we took their portraits because they told us that they didn't have any wedding pictures since they got married abruptly, because eric went into the military. they were the owners of our precious, chihuahua, popo, and graciously gave him to us last christmas eve (exactly 1 year ago). we wanted to give them something so they can later remember how young and in love they were.

and by the way, youth and the "in love" feeling will fade, but if you stick with it, marriage can make you stronger. our priest that married us, (also my uncle) says that married people are guaranteed heaven because it is the ultimate sacrifice. so hang in there.

thank you for letting us take your pictures. they're gorgeous!

if you want to see more pix from their shoot, click here!

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