Sunday, December 2, 2007

olivia's dollhouse, los angeles, birthday event photographer: hannah

olivia's dollhouse and tea room is a great way to spend an afternoon...if you're a 6 year-old, of course! this cute and quaint place is literally a dollhouse, filled with dolls, gowns, sparkly shoes and accessories, and personal hairstylists and makeup artists attending to your beauty needs.

once the girls got glammed up, they came out of their shy and timid selves, and really posed it up for the camera. no coaxing there!

when planning a special event like this, it is a great idea to hire a photographer for the event so you and the mommies can sit back and enjoy the moments with their daughters. these pictures are going to be great looking back on, 10 years from now!

thanks hannah for letting me spend the day with you!

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