Friday, December 19, 2008

it's's holiday season for the Spillers

so it's official...i'm in the holiday mood. being busy, work related issues, the economy, and the illness of my father, has postponed me into fully diving headfirst in the holiday spirit. i know...dumb reasons, huh?? holiday spirit should not be delayed! it's all about counting blessings and feeling good about humanity. so...i am so ready for decorating our home, blasting christmas music all day, cooking cozy meals, and attending neighborhood Christmas functions. i'm looking forward to the break in my professional photography, and not worry about editing and designing albums, to just take some pix for myself. i know i should be doing that on a daily basis, and i have in the past done that, but when it gets busy, like a best friend, i needed time away. needed my space. 

so it's been about 1 week since i picked up the camera, i am ready to get out there and just get back to the fun of photography. not worrying about getting the "perfect shot" or proving myself, as at times, on shoots. i hope to post some fun or cool pix. on this blog, or on my Facebook, and even on my Flickr account. 

before i go, i posted the above pic because this picture became one of my fave pix of my last shoot. it wasn't my fave, at first, until the makeup artist, danielle wells from DFW Makeup, requested to use this pic on her site. i looked at this pic again, and i love what danielle did with lori's (the model) eyes and lips in this photo. these two features "pop" and somehow, it doesn't look like "too much" or overdone. lori was a great model to work with, (as well as her friend, armani. she was great with giving a lot of options and choices in her poses. i like the position of her arms,  here, even though it's not a natural pose, it definitely makes the photo look interesting. 

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