Sunday, December 7, 2008

christmas with danielle & arlan & akiah

we met danielle and arlan at a wedding we were shooting. danielle (Danielle F. Wells Makeup) does beautiful makeup artistry and is experienced in doing wedding makeup, as well as fashion makeup. i will be posting some of her work that i recently photographed for her. she is so creative, and knows what to do to create a certain look. and i've watched her in action. she knows how to listen to her clients, and that is so important to women, especially on the day of their wedding... so stay tuned!

arlan, her husband, was such a good sport with the shoot and craziness of 4 women taking over his house and home! akiah, their adorable 2-year old, was watching the models pose, and as you can see, she picked up a few poses herself! watch out with this cutie, arlan and danielle!  you might have a model on your hands!

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