Sunday, December 21, 2008

i'm a joiner

i'm a joiner. i've joined 14 meet up groups (social/networking groups) over the past year. and...i feel a lil' bad because i haven't attended not one meeting. yikes! i have to say though, i feel pretty good, knowing that i'm part of a group. but feel like a poser not showing up. it's not like i'm a big flake. it's just that, a lot of the meetings are either too far, or on a day i have to work, meet a client or just DO LAUNDRY! maybe one of my resolutions (i haven't made one in years!) should be to attend at least one meeting a month. 

why did i join in the first place? 

well, blog readers, as much as i am a social person (bubbly, and all that), i do not feel that i'm getting enough socialization. j. says i need new friends. friends that i have things in common with. there's nothing wrong with old friends, but it seems that my lifestyle does not coincide or relate to my girlfriends' lives. i am not a mom, and no one lives near me!  i love my old friends, i just need some friends that have the time to meet or want to meet. thus! the idea of joining a "meet up group." sigh. 

so i'll keep you posted, blog readers! when i finally attend one of these meetings, i will post the end results and findings. ha! oh, and i just joined 3 more groups! it's a sickness i tell you!!

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