Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas pictures, holiday memories...

my dad was big on documenting moments. from holidays to birthdays to playing music in the living room.  in other words, every other moment was an important one. i am thankful for the pictures he took and the video he filmed. even though i am not too old, my mind---filled with to do lists, appointments, passwords and pin numbers--- can't possibly hold every single memory. 

every celebration with my parents, these days, make me want to never forget how i feel. it's inevitable. our loved ones pass on. it's a fact of life. but one thing i learned from my husband, j., is that we should enjoy our loved ones while they're here, and have no regrets. i guess that's what it means to rest "in peace."

so blog readers, take the time to photograph your memories. take pictures of your loved ones, every chance you get. even if they "hate" getting their pictures taken (that includes you, too!) because we're only this young, once. take candid pictures, pictures of people interacting, and enjoying each other's company. after you shoot these pictures, don't just leave them in your camera or on a disk somewhere to be forgotten. print out the best ones and frame it or put it in an album. enjoy and share your photos now. 

last, but not least, USE A REAL  CAMERA!! no camera phones! please, produce photos that are 1MB and up. anything smaller won't look good printed or on slideshows. produce photos that are at least in focus and not pixelated and muddy. 

especially your children's photos. they are only this young for a second. take pictures of your children in action. posed studio portraits have their place, but nothing can compare with your children laughing, playing, interacting with you and their siblings. this is how you will remember your child. not a frozen  young person, with a glazed stare into the camera, and  a painted smile, against a generic backdrop. 

and...that's my 2 cents.

hope everyone had a warm, wonderful Christmas!

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