Thursday, January 1, 2009

hello, 2009!

i have been in the habit of making new year's resolutions since i was in elementary school. i always liked making these resolutions. it gave me a sense of optimism and a promise of growth (yes, i was a very dramatic, sentimental child...and very geeky) for the new year. later, as i grew older, i stopped making resolutions. not that there was no need of improvement, but i didn't want to disappoint myself if i didn't keep my resolution. 

this morning, i read an interesting take on new year's resolutions, that well, has inspired me to go back to making them at this time. it's from a cool site, called PhotoJojo, which gives photo hobbyists a plethora of creative ideas. today, i read their post on new year's resolutions, and gave me a new perspective on making them. it says to make at least one resolution to do something you are passionate about or absolutely love to do. instead of picking something you "ought to do," pick something you "want to do!" i know, i know...flow with me now. i know people might say, g., that doesn't mean sleep all day or don't do the laundry. that's just a free ticket to Lazy-Land. what i think it means is to live your life~joyfully.

so it got me thinkin'...hmmmmm...what is one thing that i can commit to, one thing that i can commit to doing, that is something i want to do, not ought to do. 

photography is definitely my passion and it's something i know i will do with or without my business. so...that's a no-brainer. almost too easy. must be something else. something that i don't take the time to do for myself. i got it! 

i am going to cook (gasp!) at least one gourmet meal from my collection of cookbooks per month. yes...i have a collection of cookbooks. i collect cookbooks! i don't use them. i just collect them, in the hopes to have the time and...essentially, cook. i can already hear my husband's sigh, a desperate sigh of "there she goes again with the promise of cooking. promises. promises" but this time, i'm going to do it. i used to love cooking and learning new recipes. i used to love cooking for others.  i gave it up after wanting to please my taste testers, my biggest critics (my family!). trying to walk in the shadows of my grandmother, who is the best cook ever, i was never going to live up to that kind of expectation. so i gave up,  out of discouragement. forgetting that i should have been cooking to please myself. 

so there it is, blog readers. i....will...cook this year ! (as i walk out on my balcony, like Evita PerĂ³n, about to sing "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina." and i will photograph my masterpieces (and not-so masterpieces) as proof of this commitment. 

new year's resolutions (so far)
1. attend at least one social meetup group a month (at least until the end of Aug.)
2. cook at least one fancy shmancy NEW recipe a month
3. walk my dog daily, for at least 30 minutes

what's your resolutions? post your comment below!! 

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Lucia Photography said...

your funny...I enjoy reading your blog =)