Sunday, March 30, 2008

what's a "twitter"?

okay, this is for the people that have small pockets of free time on their hands. literally.

"twitter" is kind of like an update, or micro blog, on how your doing right at that moment. if you have a Facebook or MySpace profile, you know what i'm talking about. like, "Guen is _________ right now." but you can do it from your phone, and it sends a message to your friends that sign up or "follow" you. why would anyone want to know what you're up to? beats me...BUT it's fun. it's a novelty. it's like the "ring backs" or "wallpaper" and email "chain letters" (i hate those the most!) but people call you all the time and say, "what's up? what are you doing?" this way, you can beat them to the punch....and then they can "twitter" back to you also, about how they're doing. also, A LOT of times, i can't talk on or pick up the phone, but i need to vent or communicate something out to the world, like some revelation (or irritation). or maybe you're at a great sale and you want to twitter to everyone you know! 

you can also post it on your blog, as well, if you have one, from your phone. which i think is cool. i don't know why i like it. but i do. it's kinda neat. sometimes i just want to pretend i have friends that "care." jus' kidding...

so try it out. "follow" me..., "join" and i'll join your "twit." (see right) PLEASE!!!!

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