Friday, March 28, 2008


testing my mobile blogging. yes, i can blog w/o my computer! that a good thing? 

this is my first MONSTER energy drink. i have been without sufficient sleep lately, and decided, what the hey...i'll try this. i tried the lo-carb one, and it didn't help with the drowsiness during the day. except that i was in a better mood. but maybe because it was friday. 

i started to doze off again, here at my parents' house, and decided to try another flavor (see pic taken by my Motorola Q camera phone), and i have to say i am awake. this one is not the lo-carb one, it's the original.

a little too sweet for my taste. i'd rather have a starbucks americano or a 2 cans of diet coke. or of course, a nap....oh great, my eye is twitching...

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