Thursday, March 20, 2008

My First Year Book

Click here for an example of a "My First Year Book." I make these for families that order a "My First Year" Portrait Package (see site for details). From maternity portrait, to newborn, to 6 months, through the first year, I document the baby's first photos for my clients. It's busy enough trying to juggle work, baby and life, in general. I like to think of it as doing the parents a big favor by taking on the project of building this baby book. I remember my mom keeping a "My First Year" scrapbook, and I loved looking through it because it had my baby footprints, and a lock of hair from my first year. It also had dates of when I first started laughing, and cooing, and also, my family tree. Yes, I was the first born child (and only girl), so yes, got lots of attention!!! (sorry, lil' bros!).So these books are the result of that inspiration from my past.

This particular book has the "story" of how little Isaia Talani was born. Later, Mom and Dad will add their fave pix throughout the year, and then we'll come back and take a 6 months portrait session and then, a 1 year. The ideas are endless, in terms of personalizing. Parents can involve relatives and grandparents to write a wish for the little one, kind of like well wishes for the new baby. You can also personalize it by adding pix from the day of birth, baptismal pix, and first year birthday bashes. We can add poetry and quotes to make it more personable. It's a great keepsake for the child when they get older, and maybe keep that tradition going for their children. It's a great way to start their chapter in life.

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