Saturday, March 22, 2008

the many faces of chloe

welcome to the world, chloe anne. this girl had a lot of expressions, considering the fact she's only 2 months old! the minute i arrived, she put on her best face for our shoot. she was so calm. maybe mom fed her before i got there or maybe she had a nap, but she was a good model. 

she had a few instances or bursts (see the crying pix). she was probably wondering why is she changing into another pair of clothes. get used to it, kiddo...

newborn portraits are fun to do. they can be challenging, also, because you really have to just leave it up to whatever the baby is going to do, naturally. newborns are limited in their interactions, so don't worry parents if your child is not going to smiling or laughing on cue. if we get lots of crying or sleeping shots, sometimes those become the best pix! 

how do you prepare for one of these shoots? talk about what types of shots you might have in mind, and i will try to capture them. i love interaction shots: mom and dad interaction with baby, feeding, changing, bathing, playing, sleeping, cooing/laughing, crying...i love the action shots. and because they are still little, interaction is the best way to initiate reaction from your child. of course, it will be up to your child's mood that day. and that's perfectly fine. you want to capture a "real" moment. that moment will be the one you remember the most. 

"my first year in pictures" package is my favorite, because it allows you to document your child's first year in a portfolio of pictures. you receive 4 sessions (maternity, newborn/family, 6 months, 1 year), and portfolio book of your child's life in pictures. we can add personal anecdotes, snapshots, and well wishes for your child, creating a keepsake for you and your child. they'll get a kick out of it....later on, in life of course. your photos will be available to view and purchase online, within a week of our shoot. you will then have 2 weeks to purchase any photos (for gifts, for the frame in your office, living room, baby room, etc.). but remember you will be receiving your best shots in your portfolio book.

if you or someone you know is expecting, refer them to me! makes a great shower gift, too! friends and family members can chip in for this special package. it's the gift that keeps giving.

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