Tuesday, March 11, 2008

saturday with talani

introducing..... isaia talani nalu camacho....he is approximately 3 months. spending saturday with talani really made me think...hmmm, maybe i can do this...

he is such a good boy, and full of personality. he is loved immensely and spoiled with love and attention by the whole family! the day of the shoot, grandma and grandpa were present, and could not stop telling little anecdotes about little talani. 

his parents, maile and richard, seem to be doing well, adjusting to the fact that they are new parents. johnny and i enjoyed listening to them take turns telling us about how talani  came into this world that day, and how so many emotions were stirred up on such a life changing day. richard said that it was an "overwhelming experience," one that johnny and i should definitely experience for ourselves one day. 

we look forward to seeing talani throughout his first year of life. we like to do what's called a "My First Year" memory book, where we document the baby's life for the first year, along with the maternity, newborn, family portraits, and 1st year portrait session. we like to include also favorite pictures the parents and family has taken and include any special comments and memories they would like the baby to know about. a great keepsake for your children when they get older. this is included in our "My First Year" portrait package. see our website for details!

thank you again, maile and richard for letting us share another weekend with you! johnny is still talking about your mom's sandwiches!!! hugs and kisses to talani!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Spillers, for coming out to see us and to take Talani's pictures! It was a fun day! I told all my new-mom friends about it. How relaxed it was to take pictures in the home! And of course...the laughs and food are always a nice bonus. Thank you, guys! You're wonderful! :)

GJ Spiller Photography said...

It was good fun for us, too. I'll let you know how our "little project" is going...hahaha!