Sunday, March 2, 2008

vegas, baby (but that doesn't sound as sexy...)

j. and i went to stateline for the day. literally. we left l.a. at about 7a and came back to l.a. about 11:30p. we got on a charter bus to stateline, nevada, to participate in a fundraiser for Camp Widow, YMCA summer camp for city of Downey children. they do great activities for children and teach them life skills, like independence and responsibility. all proceeds of their fundraisers go to this program. this program is directed solely by volunteers. these volunteers, which include my dear friend, maricela cedano, all met at summer camp, where they started their lifelong friendships. i think it's poetic, what they're doing. giving back to what gave so much to them. it makes me think of what could i do, who/what could i give back to, that had inspired me to be the person i am today. it's the law of reciprocity, they say, that you get back much more than you give. meaning that the reward for  giving, results in a lot more prosperity, blessings, opportunities, etc. being returned back to you

we had a blast! why isn't there any pix of vegas though. well....lots of casinos don't like pictures of their casinos and...uh...well, i was participating in other um, er games. all for charity, right? 

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