Sunday, March 30, 2008

introducing my, baby...POPO

here's one of my favorite pix of my cute doggie, popo (pronounced PO-PO). this is when he was 6 months old. because he's a chihuahua, he hasn't grown that much bigger. he's still about 5 lbs. he's 16 months old. 

thur. i brought him to the vet to get his yearly shots, and this time they gave him those shots and his rabies shot, all in one. i held him down, because i think he remembered the male nurse they stuck him last year, but he started to squirm, and try to run over my shoulder and out the door. as i held him down, his eyes looked up at me. just like the one in the picture here. broke my heart. 3 shots on his hind leg. 

the nurses said he'd be a little "down."  he came back from the vet, jumping around and wanting to play catch. in 2 hours, he was hurting....and for the next 12 hours, he was out of it. he would cry if i pick him up the wrong way. he couldn't sit down. i had to sort of lay him down on his side or carry him. i felt so bad. he was shivering and i could tell he wanted to sleep, but unable to. i bundled him up. usually when i do, as soon as he gets warm, he falls asleep. but not this time. 

he's fine now....BUT i'm getting him "fixed" on mon. i almost don't want to do it because he just got over the whole "shot" thing and he was so much in pain. AND i could have sworn he's sort of mad at me, because he's not as loving to me and he's been running from me the last 2 days. but, it is the law to get your dog "fixed" or else big fine, or something like that. also the fact, my mom said, that just because it's painful, doesn't mean you don't do it. meaning that if this were my child, and it is painful, there are some things you just have to do for their own good. well...something like that. (i guess that's why my mom got those 3 molars pulled out about 15 years ago...OUCH! never went back to get the last one pulled from DR. DEATH---that's another post, another day).

so...i can just imagine what it's going to be like when i DO have a child...sigh.....i think johnny will be the one to take the kids to get their shots. too traumatic for me...ha!

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