Thursday, March 20, 2008


hey, readers:

i don't know if this is TMI (too much information), but here goes. it is a web log, right? anyway, if it is TMI, then skip this entry.

well, j. and i are TTC (trying to conceive). and we are in the initial stages of....that.

we went to infertility orientation class, and received a lot of info on how to better our chances to be pregnant. it didn't get me as stressed as i thought it would. we actually went to an orientation class before, and i remember being stressed out. it takes about 6-8 weeks to get an appt. w/ a consultant at the hospital. i guess there's a high percentage of people that are having difficulty getting pregnant. so, right now, we're on the whole body improvement thing, and taking our vitamins. we figure, if we have a healthier lifestyle, like eating right, working out, and losing weight, with infertility treatment, and prayer (belief, hope, faith), it will happen for us. i don't feel that stressed, but i have to admit, after the nurse kept on harping on how 35 is the WORST age to try to get pregnant, (which is my age, i might add), was a little discouraging and annoying at the same time.

i guess that's why i love photographing babies, and children. i feel good documenting the growth of these children. one day they will be having children of their own and photographing them.

so keep us in your thoughts and prayers and send us all the good vibes and love...we need it!

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