Wednesday, August 13, 2008

saturday in the park

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parks always remind me of happy memories in my childhood, when my parents used to take us to the park. i remember running to the swings (my personal fave) and swinging as high as i could, closest thing to feeling like you could fly, as a child. the slides, are a close 2nd--riding 2 by 2, making a mini train down to the bottom of the slide. i remember my dad taking out the ball and bat and playing baseball, and the infamous race to the farthest tree and back. my mom reading her book, laying down on a plastic mat, trying to get relief, from us, apparently.

last sat., was reminiscent of such a time. we spent the morning with mira and eddie, and their beautiful children. mira and eddie are so down-to-earth and such good sports, even taking pictures in the hot sun! joey, their son, was ready to take pictures, and not shy at all. katie was so precious and had the brightest smile. we had a great day at the park, capturing a family day, at its best, with blue skies, ducks, and of course, swings!! 

i think it's so important to have these family days with your children. i think back, and feel fortunate that i have memories to last me a lifetime, and hopefully, create those memories for my children, one day.

thank you, mira, eddie, joey, and katie, for a great day!

Check out their slideshow!!

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