Sunday, August 31, 2008

the cutest dog ever

he's such a good dog. never complains. get the occasional "talk back" (yes he talks...sort of). and he loves me unconditionally. and he sleeps in between j. and i. i know...intimacy killer, huh? sometimes, i'll find j. sleeping on the floor in the other room, because popo, will somehow scooch one of us to the corner of our queen size bed. 

lately, popo will wake j. up in the middle of the night, bringing a sock to his face, in the hopes of playing fetch. the funny thing is, he never does that to me. i guess because i'm just a heavy sleeper (snorer). 

but he's definitely the apple of my  eye. i know that he will have to get the boot, and get out of our bed if we're going to have any chance of some lil' Spiller Destructo boys. but for now, he's my #1. 

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