Friday, August 29, 2008


i'm so excited these past few days. i can't sleep. johnny says it's because i'm obsessed. obsessed with the web. email. the computer. but i say...i'm "passionate" about my art. i get so juiced up and inspired when  i read about photography or listen to photographers speak about their craft and their business. it's truly inspiring. and since getting into this business, i've been opened up to a whole new world. it's kind of like an underground or underworld  of sorts, that the common person would never know existed. there's a whole other world, a whole other celebrity, in this industry. it's fascinating. i just can't get enough.

mostly, i get inspired by the photographers that are so generous with their advice, sharing their experience, and expertise with other fellow photographers. there really is a sense of community. and most of the photogs i've met are really cool. i mean, it's like being in a cool, quirky sort of institution (is that a good word to use?).  you can really tell when a photographer still loves what they do, are still passionate about their business and what they do for a client. we really are in the service industry, first and foremost, because we are given the responsibility to capture the subject, in a way that is acceptable, and valuable, and memorable, and unique to them.

see what i mean??? it's 230a, and i'm still typing away. no coffee...mind you. just pure inspiration.  ok, so i'm going to go now. good night.

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