Tuesday, August 12, 2008

another TTC update

well, went to the follow up consultation with the fertility dr., whom which, i'm starting to grow an "admiration" for, (i don't know why...he's very blunt, honest, straight forward, and doesn't sugar coat anything), and we had some good news and some...not great news.

i always start w/ the "not so great" news, first. i tested diabetic. my glucose reading was at 173 and my hemoglobin is 9 (normal ranges, respectively are 80-120, 5-7). so i have to be treated for diabetes before he treats me for fertility. reason is there is higher risk and chance of the baby(ies) having birth defects.

the good news is that all my other tests, (well, blood pressure is questionable, it's been recording as high) were good. the ultrasound, the xrays, and the other blood work. johnny, too. i'm kinda happy about that.

i know i can manage my diabetes. i'm not too worried about it. i know i can bring it down. i have to go back to meet w/ a diabetic specialist to prescribe meds. once my blood sugar and hemoglobin go down to at least 127, and less than 7 (hemoglobin), the doctor will see us again and prescribe treatment(s).

i told j. that i noticed my blood pressure and sugar levels have gone up since i got married. hmmm...he thinks it's not a correlation at all.

so i'm hoping in about 4 months we'll be able to go back to my fertility dr. and be ready to "do this." (holding my breath).

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