Sunday, June 8, 2008

Talking stories

i have to rave about this designer. first off, and i'm so bummed that i didn't get close up pix of his apparel, his t-shirts are art. if you appreciate: 1)island culture and heritage, 2)reggae, 3)hip hop culture, 4)view graffiti as art (see #3), 5)like to wear t-shirts that have substance and meaning, and 6)like support up and coming designers with vision, JPSOUTHPACIFIC is the hook up you need!

just check out his site! i love jason's site, first off, us, artists always notice stuff like that. you'll see that each piece of his apparel has a "story." which i LOVE because johnny, my husband, always tells me that i can never just tell a short version of anything. i have to tell the STORY, hence "talking story" (it's a hawaiian pidgin saying we say). i love what he has to say. i could relate to some of his stories.  

check out his designs. he has a lot more designs, new ones, so keep your eyes peeled! the way, on his site lists some places you can find his threads.

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