Thursday, June 26, 2008

san pedro park, san pedro, family portrait photographer: singson family

introducing the Singson Family.

we had a fun time shooting this portrait. it was a beautiful morning in san pedro. blue skies, fresh sea breeze, and bright sun. we went to a really nice and shady park nearby their home. it was picture perfect with a cute bridge, grassy hills, and quacking ducks. but what was the most memorable, to me, was this family.

they are the typical young family. 2 children: 1 boy, 1 girl. we had hoped to get at least an hour of shooting. i like shooting for more than an hour with adults, but with children, they're the boss!! when they start fussing and getting bored, it's a wrap! hahahaha! so speed and patience are of the essence.

what i love about this shoot is that it really shows a glimpse of this family's life. it shows a loving family in action. not posed. just real life, documented. and i was honored to do so. i love the natural reactions and compositions of these photos. they were a lot of fun! they had everything: smiling, laughing, playing, crying...did i mention laughing? it was so much fun.

this was done weeks ago, but i finally got my computer back!!! yay!! so, Singson family...thank you, for your patience!!!! i hope you like your pix!

to view more Singson family pix, view their album here!

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Singson Ohana said...

I LOVE the pics! It came out so awesome! I wasn't sure how many good pics that would come out since the kids started to melt down but there were more than expected. You two did a great job!