Wednesday, June 25, 2008

summer is here...

every summer i do a lil' "summer cleaning." i had a whole schedule laid out this week. one day. one room. one room at a time. well, it seemed like a good plan. but organizing and rearranging furniture in my living room is taking more time than i planned. and i haven't visited the pool yet.

the good thing is that the weather has cooled somewhat. these are the days that i love where i live. i can enjoy the neighborhood. stay out a lil' later, because of the nights are cool, and i don't have to be anywhere in particular. i have a few days before i get back into "photog" mode. so i'm enjoying it. although i woke up in a sweat after waking up from a nightmare that my flash and camera were not working, and i was trying to shoot this wedding. ugh...sigh.

so my goal this summer is to 1) organize my house (aka:declutter!), 2) retrain my puppy, Popo, because he's getting a lil' bratty, and 3) do well in all my shoots this summer.

so, now the schedule is to just get through organizing/decluttering the living room and kitchen for this week. then, attack the rest of the house, next week. then, SHOP (yay!!) for the house the following week. i hope to have some guests over before the end of july.

hope everyone has a wonderful, cool, week!!!

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