Sunday, June 15, 2008

pampered sweets by celina

the pix above is a "diaper cake" present that i gave to a dear neighbor friend of mine, who was having her baby shower last weekend. i love ordering diaper cakes from Pampered Sweets because in comparison to other diaper cake makers online, she makes the most original and the best, in my opinion. i have seen diaper cakes that either look like a mountain mess of diapers, with "stuff" hanging around it, or it's just plain sloppy and unattractive!

all i had to do was give her some color schemes and a theme, and she created this beautiful, sassy, almost "sex and the city" homage "cake." i loved it! i have not seen anything like it, and i received a lot of oohs and aahs from the guests at the party. my neighbor does not want to take it apart! it was perfect because her theme for her baby shower was leopard print and pink! i think celina from Pampered Sweets exceeded my expectations.

some people might say, well, i can make that! which is probably correct, everyone's "crafty" these days. i consider myself a DIY crafter. but i'm busy with my business, family, puppy, and hubby and household...and don't have the time. if you're like me, don't have a lot of free time to make cute, personalized gifts, ordering from Pampered Sweets is the perfect gift making business for me! i put in my order, and picked it up on the way to the party. now that's a time saver. 

you can also see how much "treats" she puts in the cake. all the items that you see in the first picture represents the items she fills the diaper cake with. not to mention about 45 newborn diapers (that'll go quickly within the first month!!) that make the cake! she also makes favors, and smaller treat items. stay posted. i'll post those pix soon! she makes "sundaes," "cake rolls," and what she calls, "spa cakes." their the cutest. everyone i've given them to says they're too pretty to take apart, but the items are all practical, and nothing is glued on. just take apart, and use it!!

if you would like to know more info about Pampered Sweets, email celina at: tell her guen, from gj spiller photo sent ya!

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