Tuesday, June 10, 2008

artistic "ipu" art and decor

another great idea for gifts. check this out! 

patrick taoipu is the man behind this artwork. he is the owner and creator of TRADITIONAL TRENDS. the cool thing is, YOUR pictures become a piece of artwork. if you click on the pictures, you can see it in more detail. he is a woodburning artist. he creates portraits from burning images on wood. here you see framed portraits on pieces of wood, and wooden plates, and also these implements, "ipus," which are usually used for polynesian dancing. here.

i am in the process of decorating my house, and of course we're going with a modern/island feel. we want our home to be a reflection on who we are. we want our home to filled with things we love or remind us of things and people we love. so, i am thinking of this picture of me and my grandfather for patrick to gather inspiration from and create this portrait. this picture reminds me of my grandfather, and his fighting roosters. i was only 2 years old, and in the picture, i looked so intense, and interested, as my grandfather, so young back then, looked over me, holding the rooster.  this portrait is part of my heritage, and in a sense, something i would love to pass on to my children, if and when i have them. it would be sort of a family heirloom. 

patrick is very talented, and he loves collaborating with his clients. he feels that this piece should be a collaborative experience between his clients and the artist. working together to create something beautiful, original, and custom made, is all part of the experience. 

if you would like to see more or know more info about TRADITIONAL TRENDS, you can contact patrick : traditionaltrends@yahoo.com

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