Saturday, March 7, 2009

senior portrait: priscilla

this beautiful girl is graduating high school this year. priscilla is a senior in high school, and hopes to go to college and maybe enter the entertainment industry. she has one of the brightest smiles and the most positive outlook on life. she is bound to be successful in anything she pursues. 

senior portraits have come a long way from your studio portraits. these portraits were done on location, with multiple wardrobe changes. check on our website for more details about the packages we offer. this package is the Day in the Life Package, (valued at $250)
  • which includes up to 1.5 hours session, 
  • $75 print credit, 
  • all image files on proof CD, 
  • and wardrobe  changes. 
not only do you get the flexibility of wardrobe changes and extra time for a variety of poses, but the senior has a chance to express their individuality and personality. we take our time, and are open to multiple locations. an added plus, parents can feel at ease knowing that these photos will be taken in good taste. if you want to add friends to do a group session, we have an Heirloom Package that allows for more people, more time, and more print credit. 

check out priscilla's slideshow to get an idea of a session like this. we had a lot of fun shooting this! if you're interested in finding out more about senior portraits, contact us!

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