Sunday, March 1, 2009

goddaughter jaylyn: 6 months

here's an update on my goddaughter, jaylyn. this is her 6 months old shoot, although she is almost 7 months now. i think she looks adorable in her laker outfit and bunny get up. i don't know which one i like the best. she's chloe's cousin (see earlier posts). we took their portrait sessions together, in the backyard of their grandmother's house. i think it worked out great. j. and i were going to set up this big backdrop, but we thought it might rain, and it would be a big hassle to breakdown if we had to do it in a jiff. besides, i love the japanese fountain in the background, and green grass spoke to the upcoming season, as the theme was Spring Portraits.

i always favor natural settings, anyway. the setting also tells a story. whether it be baby portraits, senior portraits or bridal portraits, the choice of setting and background, add to telling the story of what type of lifestyle the subject leads, personality of the subject, or even, like in this case, document the setting of home life. this is what is called Lifestyle Portraits. 

i remember a portrait my uncle bert took of my dad, in his backyard. it was an action shot of my dad doing a flying kick (martial arts). now, that backyard is no longer, as they have remodeled for a more mature garden, and no longer is the wide open backyard, where we once rode swings and danced the night away. i'm so grateful for that picture. it brings me back to a time of my youth. i'm sure you can think of a picture that reminds of being in that moment, that place, and that you can almost touch, see, smell, and hear the elements, like you're there. 

studio pictures, with generic backdrops, have their place in an owner's collection. but if you want to tell a story, natural settings are the way to go!

jaylyn, as was her cousin, chloe, were great subjects. she loves to smile, and smile for me and her mommy, she did. i love the in-between expressions, the wide open mouth, the questionable stare...are all so endearing! 

check out my faves below, and her slideshow!

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