Sunday, March 15, 2009

might as well, JUMP

this weekend needed to happen.

this past week, with the doom and gloom of the news, unemployment, and the economy, this weekend at Aurora Elementary needed to happen. headed by teachers, most of which are losing their jobs next school year, Kid Fit was planned to promote health education to the community through vendors, and fun activities. thanks to good friend, Maricela Cedano, a resident teacher, for inviting us to this inspiring and positive event. it truly chased the dark clouds that have been looming over this week.

looking at these pictures, fun and exercise can be achieved no matter who you are! look at the guys having a ball jumping rope! to check out more pix of this great event, click here 

it's schools and resident teachers, like these, that make differences...everyday. support your local school. write to the district, the governor, the president. voice your concerns about education, and the loss of teachers, like these. for more info, check out or, for more information. you can make a difference.

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