Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TTC updates

j. and i went to our first fertility consultation last mon. it was really nerve wrecking. basically, he's in the clear. let's just say he's been considered "above average" by the doc. me, on the other hand, well, there's some work laid ahead of me. and apparently, many tests. i have to work on losing weight, eating healthy, and managing high blood pressure and blood sugar. that's not it (if that wasn't enough, already),  i have to get an ultrasound (which is today), a histogram (where they do an x-ray and shoot a "contrast," or dye, to see if there's any blockage in the reproduction pipes, per se), a blood fasting test, and also, go to the dentist. doc says that periodontal disease may affect fertility. yeah, i read or heard that somewhere. 

out of all the tests, i'm dreading and most scared of the dentist. anyone that really knows me, knows that i'm terrified of dentists and dental work. i'm freaking out. there is a real clinical phobia of dentists. yes. it's based on a past experience when a doctor did not listen to your needs as a patient, and therefore you went through a lot of pain. that's me! i won't go into it now, but it was pretty gruesome, in my book, and that memory is burned in my head. 

so, today i go to get my ultrasound. wish me luck. 

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