Sunday, July 13, 2008

pampered sweets: another hit!

celina from Pampered Sweets came through again. this past weekend, i was in charge of planning and leading the games for my cousin's baby shower. so i thought it would be nice to have some spa cakes and cake rolls made for the winners. each of the cakes above (top 4 pix) have a towel, bath gel/lotion, and/or loofah inside them. so you can enjoy them as a display in your bathroom, or pamper yourself and have a mini spa day. 

the diaper cake (bottom pic) is the one i had personalized for my cousin, mel. i wanted an asian-inspired theme cake, one that i have not seen before. because at the time, we didn't know what the sex of the baby was, we opted for neutral colors, yellow and green. it makes for a great centerpiece. it's funny because i overheard someone say, "wow! nice cake!....oh, it's not a cake after all!" as they tried to swipe some icing. this is what is inside this "cake."

1 green carters onesie 
1 bottle
1 green carters receiving blanket
1 Gerber pacifier
1 travel J&J shampoo
1 travel J&J lotion
1 travel J&J powder
1 teething gel
1 travel pamper wipes
1 sample Gerber baby wash
1 disposable huggies washcloth
1 sample huggies lotion
1 sample dreft baby laundry detergent

i would have posted this sooner, but i wanted it to be a surprise. can you believe that 3 tiered diaper cake held up for a whole month!!!! it is very well-made, and you would think, especially diapers, it would fall apart! that's what i like about her products. they are made well, not sloppy or cluttered like others i have seen, but clean and simple looking. 

i will post more pix of other cute baby centerpieces/gifts she makes. they're so adorable!

if you want more info on these personalized, one of a kind creations (because she makes them by order, none of them are pre-made), email her at

tell her, GUEN sent ya!

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