Thursday, July 31, 2008


i'm on a lucky streak, i tell ya! 

  • went to Morongo Casino for my birthday for a little Rest and Relaxation, and won 2 nights in a row on the penny slots!
  • a lady at Morongo gave me 35 cents (she said she didn't want it); i played it on the 5 cent slot, spun 3 times, and made $200!
  • got lost on the way back to L.A. (don't ask) only to find out that we missed a major car accident on the freeway we missed
  • received three wedding inquiries in a row (one after the other, in one day); 3 is my lucky number!
  • lost 3 lbs. this week!
  • brother found $5 on flying past him, and swears that it's due to my string of good luck
i'm sure there's more, but i can't remember. i think my luck will still run till the end of my birthday weekend. stay posted!!!

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