Friday, July 25, 2008

sideways grin

sideways grin, originally uploaded by Master Foto G.

my style of photography is to capture images or moments that tell a story. or at least provoke an interest to what the story may be about.

since it's summer, and i just came back from a summer hawaiian festival, called Ho'olaule'a (annual hawaiian fest w/ music, food and booths), i would like to post one of my favorite pix of the summer, so far (because it's still not over yet!) i love this picture because it displays what my style of photography is. capturing true, real moments.

i took this picture with my 200mm lens, and i don't know how many feet i was away from the stage, but it was pretty far. if anyone has watched polynesian dancing, you know that when the troupe or dance studio, or halau, performs, they're in unison, and uniformity. here, you see this dancer, out of "line," to present this beautiful grin. to me, this shows the spirit of performing, especially polynesian dancing, and really enjoying what you're doing.

the art of photography is seen in the interpretation and perspective of the viewer. to me, not only do i see someone who is having fun, but also the embodiment of the spirit of aloha.

that's what i hope our clients feel when we provide photography services for them, via my photography, our service, our personality and attention to our clients.... our aloha.

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