Sunday, July 6, 2008

our lady of lourdes church, los angeles & luminarias restaurant, monterey park, wedding photography: tim + olivia

after 11 years of relationship, 5 years of being married (via vegas chapel), and 2 beautiful babies later, tim and olivia smith married in the church, this past saturday. even under 99 degree weather, the day was filled with love and affection for this couple. they married at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Los Angeles. it was a beautiful, traditional style-Catholic wedding. it reminded me of when my mom talked about her wedding, the padrinos, or sponsors, stood with you and your spouse-to-be, on the altar, as a spiritual witness to this sacrament. another touching element to this story is that olivia, the bride, used to go to school at that church, and that having it at that particular church held great meaning to her. the church has not changed since then, and the picture you see above, with the Lady of Lourdes tile mosaic, are one of the religious artwork that held special remembrance and significance for the bride. and i think the picture came out gorgeous.

later the party followed at Luminarias Restaurant, a spanish inspired restaurant, complete with mariachis, luminarias (of course) and a terrace with a beautiful sunset view. later i'll post some fun pictures from that lively reception, complete with serenades, tearful moments, and....the bride, getting down on the dance floor!

thank you olivia, and tim, for letting us capture your special moment.

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