Tuesday, February 24, 2009

making memories in the maternity ward

about a year ago, i was taking Kat's maternity portraits. it was memorable, because it ended up with a trip to the hospital. Kat came over and i took some maternity belly shots, all the while, she was complaining that she was having some, let's say, going through some physical discomfort, without going into detail. in true form, i keep shooting, telling her to stand here, sit there, lie down, sideways, upside down...etc. and like all my pregnant subjects, she was a trooper. saying it was okay and it was up to me when to stop shooting. everyone knows i can keep shooting till the cows come home. for some reason, i get my best ideas (and shots) once i've warmed up and the subject has become used to the camera in their face. in this case, her belly. 

what i remember the most is going to the hospital with Kat and keeping her company, entertaining her (because there was NO TIVO) and i remember, a lot of giggling and laughing.  those moaning mothers probably wanted to kill us! (sorry!) i stayed there until her husband, Jeff, arrived (thank goodness, thought the patients). 

so i wonder if Chloe recognizes my laughter, now that she is out of the womb, and WALKING! she is spunky character, who's apparent new favorite word is "OUT!" hmmmm...i wonder what her parents teach her!

here's some faves of Chloe's one year portrait session. for my expectant mothers, i have a maternity portrait package called My First Year, and it includes a full year of sessions (maternity, newborn, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year sessions) print credit, and a custom, personalized photo book keepsake. keep your eyes peeled for Chloe's First Year book! if you, or anyone you know needs maternity portraits to mark this special time, please contact me for more details!

check out more pix here (slideshow)

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