Thursday, February 12, 2009

fave pic of the week

i still haven't uploaded my pictures from vegas (last week's adventure). so i decided to post one of my new fave pix of the week  from bryan and sam's wedding. i finally edited their pix and at this moment, uploading it to their online photo gallery. here is where they can view their pix, as well as share it with their family and friends. purchasing enlargements are easy to do from the online photo gallery, too. the prints from our lab are awesome. i love how they come out. i edit my pix, but the lab also does another once over to check if it's color balanced and corrected, and to ensure the picture appears the way it is intended. 

some people ask, why do photographers charge so much for a  4"x6"? i have a couple responses to that question: 

  1. if you have taken a picture by a professional, and are ordering from a professional lab (not a machine/robot), you should be ordering a 8"x10" and up. to appreciate the quality of a print, you have to see it large. (i know that doesn't answer the question, but it addresses my opinion about 4"x6" prints)
  2. the .19 cents you pay at CostCo, pays for the machine/robot to process your film and the photo paper. the machine/robot does not know what your skin tone is supposed to look like and/or the exposure your professional photographer intended for your image. i have see green and sometimes blue casts of skin tones that would make a bride shudder at the fact that she looks a shade away from being Dracula's bride. trust me. you want a professional that is trained and works only with high volume wedding and portrait orders to handle your processing of photos. 
  3. think of your great grandparents heirloom portrait. this portrait is one of the few images the family has. you've preserved it, framed it, and it will be something that will continue to be passed on from generation to generation. it represents your family legacy---your history. would you turn around and sell it for price of photo paper it was made on? how much would you price a moment in time that you cannot re-stage or re-enact? needless to say, my great grandparents' portrait is priceless...
  4. a professional photographer's job is not just to take snap shots. they are there to make sure the moment is captured, the exposure is just right, and that you look back on your pictures and relive your special moments. that perfect image is more than just a sheet of paper. it's symbolic, it's meaningful. it's your life, frozen in time. one day, that image will stop you in your tracks and jar emotions from you again. that image will be more valuable over time, as we grow older and memories are precious.
going back to this photo, that i love. it's very simple. it love the contrast of light and dark. i love the spotlight above the bride and groom. i love the moment. it's a secret moment. you wonder what they're thinking or  talking about. i love the sparkle of her barrette in her hair, and the big ol' grin he has for her. sigh...priceless...
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