Sunday, February 22, 2009

keeping up with resolutions

standing guard

it's almost the end of the month, and here's an update on keeping my resolutions. mind you....i have a pretty healthy idea about "resolutions." i think of them as more of "goals"---things to strive towards, and not necessarily, having to be perfect about it. it's all about growth, right?

resolution #1:attend one social network event per month
i have not attended any of my "social network" meet ups this month. actually, i've been rather busy. it always ends up that way. when i think i'm in a slump or have a lot of downtime, i tend to fill those empty dates with meet up dates. but, as soon as i reply with "yes" or "maybe," something comes up. sometimes bad, sometimes good. as you know, the last couple weeks have been a roller coaster ride of sorts with my family members' health issues. the good thing, is that i have met two new potential clients and have reconnected with lots of old friends. so, that's a plus in my book! 

resolution #2: cook at least one new recipe a month
my husband is bummed, but self-righteous when it comes to this resolution. he is still waiting for me to even cook an egg for him. i have to say, i cannot think of a good excuse/reason why this hasn't happened. we have been staying in more lately, and have had the opportunity to cook more at home this month. again, the silver lining is this. i realize that my husband does more for me than i acknowledge. that i am really spoiled. j. is my alarm clock in the morning, my personal chef (makes me breakfast, lunch, and dinner, when he finds the time), my therapist, my housekeeper. all the above, as i am behind my computer, or texting someone on the phone, or catching up on the "Bad Girls Club" on my DVR. i still am working towards this goal. i know there's other ways to be a good wife, but this particular goal will make him happy and redeem myself on the spot! 

resolution #3: walk the dog 30 minutes a day
thank goodness, the puppy can't talk. popo (who is in the pic above) is our lil' puppy (he's 2 years old). technically speaking,  popo is walked everyday. unfortunately, not by me. j. walks him religiously at least 1-2xs  a day. there's a lot of excuses for this one. one of them, being, there has been a lot of crime incidents that have happened in the past month on our street and within blocks of our townhome. our neighbor was held up at the water store and there has been recent break-ins in our complex's garages. the other night, a helicopter hovered for a half hour, and seven police cars were parked outside. since we usually don't get home until dark, i don't feel safe to walk around here. at least not right now. so i will walk with j., occasionally with the dog. again, i will have to work towards this goal. i am not going to give up on this. i know that i won't let fear rule my life. i'm just being more cautious. especially since popo is so much more obedient and happy when he's walked. Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, is totally right about that!

resolution #4: do something for myself, at least 30 minutes a day
well, i started out doing this at the beginning of the month, when i was in Vegas, with my dad in the hospital. i was able to slow down a bit, and read something for pleasure. since i got back, my novel, Angels and Demons, is collecting dust again. exercise? but i have been drinking water, and sort of kind of taking my blood sugar. my doctor wants to see me in 2 weeks. i know i will have to face the music. but it's for my own good. i do want a better quality of life, and enjoy the rest of my life. i see my dad in the hospital, even though he never was a drinker, a smoker, etc, he still got cancer. but, i know i have to be preventative, and control this disease, my diabetes, because it was not fun going to the hospital for my headaches, and for my dad. so tomorrow, is a new day. i am still optimistic and motivated to turn around my lifestyle. 

so, that's my update. how are you folks doing with your "goals" this year so far? post a comment. would love to know how you are doing, or how you are staying motivated? 

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