Sunday, February 8, 2009

home sweet home

there's no pic for this blog entry. i know there should. it's in my camera, which is still in my car. i've been away for the week, not for pleasure. my dad landed in the hospital because he contracted an infection due to his weak immune system. he just had chemotherapy the tuesday before he left to vegas with my relatives. i get a phone call mon., 5am, from my dad, who says, "don't call me back tomorrow. tomorrow i may be dead..." geez...hmmm...when should i panic? 

so in a few hours, i'm hitting the road with my bro to vegas to see how my dad is doing. we thought we would stay maybe the night and then bring him and my relatives back home, but that wasn't the case. the doctors wanted my dad to stay the week to monitor his progress. so i checked into the Golden Nugget Hotel while my brother drove my relatives back to L.A. 

i have to say my trip was a oxymoron of sorts. i was relaxed because i was away from work and home, but stressed that my dad was in the hospital. i was enjoying the luxuries of being at the hotel (maid service, room service, etc.) but bummed because i was short on cash to do any damage. i was happy to finally have some peace and quiet, read my book and catch up with CNN and world news, but my phone was ringing off the hook. so this past week was sort of a blur. 

everytime i thought of going out, and photographing the sights, especially since i hadn't stayed in downtown Vegas in awhile, i became hesitant, thinking of all the bad things that could happen to me. i noticed how much more aware (paranoid) i am without my husband around. experiences, like my mom says.

happily,  my dad is feeling better. being stubborn as ever (so must be feeling back to normal!). and we're back in L.A.  back home. back in my own home and bed. yay......(although, i do miss the hotel bed!!! i never had such a good night's sleep!! sniffle sniffle)

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