Friday, November 7, 2008

santa anita church, arcadia, wedding photography: roy + germeen

what you put out in the universe, your thoughts and intentions, is what you receive. it's not a mystery how things manifest in our lives, especially after we request it. i remember a time that i stopped dating, and wanted to be alone, to gain perspective, and clarity in my life. i stopped doing the norm, and really immersed myself in solitude and silence. not a normal (or easy) thing for me, mind you. i definitely did not want to meet someone new or date someone new because i really wanted to figure things out for myself. without distraction or drama. then, one day, when i was "ready," i wrote in my journal a list of the person i wanted in my life. it was in detail. specific. down to the stature, the demeanor, and the personality. i wanted someone tall, dark and handsome. i wanted someone who adored me, and showered me with affection. i wanted someone i can feel safe and protected. i wanted someone to see me the way i see myself. that i was worthy. i was special.

a few weeks later, i felt the urge to hang out again with my friends. i was in better spirits, and not somber and introverted anymore. i was feeling brand new. ready to be a better version of myself. before i met my friends at the local bar, i stopped at a gas station, paid the cashier guy, and proceeded to pump gas. that's when he stopped me in my tracks. he was a tall, thin guy in a KFC uniform. he approached me with such a soft spoken manner, i took notice (but i didn't show it, of course!). he asked me my name, and number. of course, i refused. he continued to talk to me about music i was interested in, and what i liked to do on my spare time. i gave him an "A" for effort. i asked him how old was he, and he said he was 19 (i was 22 he was really 18 and in high school). i hopped in my car, and he made a last ditch effort to ask for my number. persistence pays off, i tell ya (and flattery gets you everywhere, for me), so i gave him a lipstick-written version of my number on the back of a bank deposit envelope. it's not like i'm going to marry him...

...that's what i did.

j. was the guy i had asked for in my journal. to the tee. what i put out in the universe, what i ordered. what i requested. and for the last 13 years i can't get rid of him!! (just kidding, j.!!)

when we started our business, we had a rough start. we were nobodys. after many rejections later from strangers, feeling discouraged, a little frustrated, we thought, okay, what kind of clients do we want? what kind of people do we want to serve? if we had a catalog of types of people we wanted to help out, who would they be? it was easy. people like us! people who appreciate photography and the importance of life milestones. people who are down to earth, and friendly. people who are family-oriented. people who like to laugh, and are real. once we wrote that down, we started to receive more positive reactions and interactions. we started to meet interesting people. people that we would probably be friends with in our personal lives.

we met germeen and roy through germeen's sister, mira, whom we had the opportunity to photograph her beautiful family. like mira and her husband, eddie, germeen and roy were down to earth and laughed at our jokes. they have 2 cute, energetic boys, and asked us to include them in our engagement portrait session. we were so happy they asked us to photograph their family and their wedding. germeen and roy met under special circumstances. they have an interesting love story, that i won't depict here. but i have to wonder if they put their request out in the universe, just like i did. looking at them, their love seems meant to be.

i know we were meant to meet them.

here are just some of my favorite pix. check out their slideshow coming soon!!!

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