Wednesday, November 12, 2008

my goddaughter, and cousins

had so much fun photographing my goddaughter and cousins' kids. jaylyn did a great job her first time at a photo shoot (although she is immobile and can't move around as much, haha!). chloe, her cousin, is about 10 months, and will be running before we know it! i think by the time we got the girls together for a shoot, they were had it for the day. everyone was crying in unison, it seemed. but that's ok. to me, i'd take real life moments over fake, posed ones, anyday! i love taking portraits of babies in their environment, the environment that makes them happy. whether it be in their crib, bath tub, or backyard. to get the most naturalistic photos that say something about your child will not be found in front of a plain white backdrop in a cold studio.  it will be found at home. at a place they are familiar with. with you. interacting with them is the number one way i get great pictures. i'm there to capture the precious moments, and document them so no one will forget. 

if ya wanna see more cute pix of these girls...ya gotta see 'em in their halloween get ups!! click here to view the halloween slideshow

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