Sunday, November 30, 2008

our first thanksgiving

ok, it's not our FIRST thanksgiving, but it's the first one that the family LET us cook. actually,  more like assigned. it was exciting, but also was nervous about it, because my brother and dad are the worst critiques. there was a time i was all in to cooking, i bought all these gourmet cookbooks and wanted to experiment these recipes. after a bunch of discouraging comments, i gave it up. i just cook for myself. so when this opportunity came, i was excited. but i wasn't able to do any of my gourmet recipes, because it was very unexpected. we used whatever ingredients and recipes my mom had on her list. it came out pretty good. even the turkey didn't get overcooked! (thanks to my mom's fancy shmancy convection oven and chad's technical skills and reading the manual). check it out! 

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