Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a good cry

so...i stayed home sick today. dr. j.'s order (my hubby), i'm not allowed to work in the office or go on the computer. i'm supposed to be in bed.  resting. 

so here i am.

anyway, i was watching this week's "biggest loser," and it was so good. it's all about family teams, losing weight together. i know it sounds corny, but i got hooked on this show because of the back stories. because you know me, and loving to "talkstory." 

there was this one father-daughter team that had to decide who was going to be eliminated and who was going to stay and compete (they had to be eliminated because they lost the least amount of weight that week). it was so sad, because naturally, i thought, the dad has got to go. he has a lot of health issues, that would hurt his team, and he has some physical ailments that need treatment. i thought, decision was so clear cut. but when the daughter started listing all the reason why HE should stay, i was a water fountain of tears. bawling and grabbing tissue from the box. she told him that if he didn't get guidance and professional attention, he was going to die. that he needed to be here the most. but this is the line that got me, she said that she wanted to get married, and that she wanted her dad to walk her down that aisle. i was a mess. (hey, i'm a sucker for weddings! that's why i'm a wedding photographer!).

at least i can say now, my sinus are a lot more clearer. sometimes you just need a good cry. even if it's about total strangers.

now i feel like taking a walk, and baking some skinless, boneless chicken. 

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