Tuesday, September 30, 2008

roy & germeen: live.laugh.love.

roy and germeen are getting married in nov. last sat., we met up for an engagement session. they asked if we could turn our engagement session to a family portrait session, so they could include their cute boys, sam and anthony. of course! the more, the merrier! 

we met in arcadia park, a very nice shady park with a cool fountain on the corner. my plan was to take pictures by the fountain, have the family sit on the fountain, and possibly have the kids entranced by the water (all kids love fountains) but when we got there, i didn't realize that this particular fountain was really high. so that idea didn't go over well. i also had an idea to do this very walk through of downtown arcadia. their small shops make it feel like a small-town. i wanted to do this editorial, suburban shoot.  i didn't get to do that either. 

but i tend to think blessings come in disguises. all the pictures of that shoot came out perfect.

we used a couple locations around the park. luckily this park wasn't too crowded. the park was green, equipped with cool park benches, and trees w/ interesting tree trunks. the kids warmed up to me quickly, and i didn't prompt them to pose or smile for the camera. they were doing their thing, and i was their personal photographer. 

roy and germeen are the picture perfect couple. who would think this hot couple are parents of 2 small boys. they were so easy to work with, and went with the flow. they were relaxed (at least on the outside, hahahaha), when most parents would be distracted and tense when their children are around. their pictures look romantic and beautiful. too many favorites. hard to pick for this blog. 

the best pictures, well, at least in my opinion, my faves are the family portraits when they're laughing and interacting with each other. being a family. my goal, as a photographer, is to capture genuine personalities of my subjects. and i think i accomplished it this afternoon. 

we enjoyed our sat. afternoon with roy, germeen, sam, and anthony. we look forward to shooting their wedding in nov. i know that day is going to be so full of love. 

if you want to check out more pix, check out their slideshow! www.gjspillerphotography.com/DuplessisShow

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