Monday, September 29, 2008

what to do on a day off

this pic is an oldie, but goodie. popo, our faithful watchdog. we love popo.
well, taking the day off tomorrow. looking forward to it. i'm actually looking forward to getting up early, and doing some stuff that i know will boost my spirit. like....organizing my office, mailing some thank you packages to clients, and watching all my recorded DVR shows,  while cuddling w/ popo, my doggie (if he'll let me), sipping on some diet iced  tea. 

i'm still feeling under the weather. comes and goes. mostly hot flashes and stuffy nose. and this weird throat thingy, that is starting to be a little annoying. (sneeze!) oh and the occasional sneeze. 

so maybe tonight i upload pix so i will have the day to myself. 

one thing that always boost my spirit is being with my clients. we recently had a family portrait shoot with a family on sat. i will post their pix as soon as i upload all of them (have to clear my computer of some collections of pix to fit it here! po chewed up the power cord for my hard drive!). gorgeous family....we had some good laughs. 

we also met up with a really sweet couple, ali and john, who are getting married at this romantic winery, in temecula. i can't wait! i'll keep you posted on them. we met them in redondo beach, and it was a nice breezy break from where we live. i was a little envious that they get to experience that all the time. one day....that's my goal. i just want to live near the beach. that's all i ask. that was an instant spirit booster!

ok...back to work. oh by the way, check out the new, and improved website!!

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