Monday, September 22, 2008

teresa & james: album pages

the album.

in the age of digital, and files, why do we still need albums?

1) computers and hard drives crash.
2) you won't remember where that "one" file is.
3) who wants to see your pictures on your small camera phone (oh, by the way, phone memory can crash too)
4) your album is the heirloom that you pass on to the next generation. it's the legacy you leave to your kids, grandkids (or even your older selves; face it...when i'm old and gray, i want to be able to view our younger versions! besides it's evidence to your grandkids that you were young and fabulous once).
5) who wants to pass down a bunch of disks or hard drives (that you have to back up and burn/copy again every couple years). yeah, that's sentimental.
6) the older folk like to view albums, not digital files (well, at least my grandma, anyway).

i recommend having a custom album made (or you can make your own) at least once a year. you should be collecting volumes of your family's history: all the special events, traditions, and holidays, should be documented. the yearly family portrait and the first year of your baby, are definite musts!

i offer that service to our clients. each client gets a custom designed album. i never use designing templates. all of my albums are one of a kind. i also showcase the subjects and the images, not the layouts. the attention should be on the people in the picture, not the fancy shmancy designs and textures. i keep it simple. classic. so that you can stand looking at it 10, 15, 20 years from now. our clients also can give their input, and edit their album to their liking.

here's a sample of an album i did this past weekend. tell me what you think?

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