Monday, October 27, 2008

12:45 a.m.: taking a moment

wanted to post this because i love how "in the moment" they are. 
that's what it says on my iMac. in 15 min., the computer voice generated lady will tell me that it's "1 o'clock" and i will start to feel regretful for what i am doing right now. which is depriving myself sleep. 

i just got finished doing a rough version of a couple's wedding and i am hyper excited. i get in the zone when either editing or designing an album. sometimes just looking the at pictures i've taken the night before, gets me gassed (in a good way). i love what i do. i wish there were more hours in the day to do it. 

for my blog stalkers there, and you know who you are, this one is for you. thanks for being out there, reading my entries, even though it baffles j. why i would stay up and not choose sleep to blog. he doesn't understand it. it's something i need to do. it's my outlet of expression, both visual and literal, that i need to feel connected. alive. accomplished. in the moment. 

(well, at least it keeps me from being a major road-rager, driving in traffic)

so, when i wake up tomorrow, to start another day, i have to remind myself that this is living. living life well.  taking the time to appreciate what i'm doing, and the people that we do it for, who are truly amazing, and wonderful, and we are humbled to be at their service. 

ok, i think i'm ready to hit the hay! 

keep entries comin' blog design...and new newsletter...stay with me, now....

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